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Pikes Peak Test Prep instructors are chosen for their enthusiasm for learning, excellent rapport with parents and students alike and depth of content knowledge that is coupled with training on Pikes Peak Test Prep own curriculums. Our instructors are at the heart of why Pikes Peak Test Prep makes a difference in classroom achievement and test prep.

Our teachers are Certified teachers or Professionals in the subject areas of mathematics, English, science, Spanish, social studies, special education, elementary, and reading specialists, make-up the Pikes Peak Test Prep instructional team. We can cover all bases from seventh grade to college, as needed, on your educational journey.

Pikes Peak Test Prep is a Licensee of LEAP which was founded in 1999 and began ACT-SAT prep classes and tutoring in 2000.  A unique program was created, where high school students who one day hope to pursue college could have their academic needs met and supported outside the typical classroom setting. Out of this desire, a program was created to work together with students, parents, teachers and guidance counselors. The needs of the student is the central focus to bring forth success in every student.

Pikes Peak Test Prep instruction is personal, private and affordable. We are the anti-franchise - locally owned and operated. Pikes Peak Test Prep knows students as well as universities throughout the United States which enables us to advise you regardless of location and where your student wants to attend college.

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