What’s NEW in Common App 2017-18

By Lisa Mark Robinson

For the 2017-18 application cycle, the Common App now boasts over 700 colleges with 49 states represented. This is an addition of 47 new schools including Ohio’s public Kent State. Students are able to start their applications at any time of year as most of the Common App “rolls over” to the next year. However, anything NEW in the application for the coming year as well as college-specific questions, recommender invitations and authorization release will not roll-over. Each year the Common App creates enhancements to make the application process more user friendly for students as well as to meet the …


Work Ahead with Common App Roll Over

Posted on July 8, 2017 by adminLisaM | Comments Off | College Applications

With the roll over feature for the Common App, students can get a jump start on applications prior to the official launch of the 2017-18 application on August 1, 2017. Keep in mind Common App will go offline and be unavailable starting July 24th until the 2017-18 app launches August 1st. Ready to get started? Go here and set-up your account then login to work on your future application. Most, not all, of the application can be completed any time then when the student logs on August 1st or later their stored information will appear in the new application.  Here’s …

NEVER PAY RETAIL FOR COLLEGE:  Applying For Financial Aid

by Beth V. Walker     posted: October 7, 2017

Here are a few thought to consider:

Financial Aid is a tool that can and should be leveraged.  You’ve paid into the system every year you’t paid taxes, and you’ve earned the right to use it to your advantage.



NEVER PAY RETAIL FOR COLLEGE: Behave. Put it into practice. How Students Can Develop Self-Awareness

by Beth V. Walker posted: July 29, 2017

Behave. Put it into practice.

Personal growth and testing self-sufficiency allows an individual to return to their community renewed, stronger, and wiser. Seemingly simple activities such as having teenagers film out forms for high school, the doctor, or the dentist contribute to their sense of self-sufficiency...

NEVER PAY RETAIL FOR COLLEGE: How Students Can Develop Self-Awareness

by Beth V. Walker posted: July 23, 2017

Begin. Make it a priority.

Reading a book will not teach you how to know yourself. It’s learned through doing and paying attention to your personal expressions of thought, emotions, and behavior. As parents, we need to accelerate that learning before we send our kids off to college.

Pikes Peak Test Prep


NEVER PAY RETAIL FOR COLLEGE:  Estimate Family Contribution

by Beth V. Walker     posted: September 17, 2017

The EFC is your starting point because it’s the minimum out-of-pocket cost the colleges believe you should pay every year.  Knowing your EFC helps you formulate a game plan fro getting from where you are to where you want to be.  The EFC is a number calculated by the Department of Education or the College Board based on the information they collect on the financial aid form...