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NEVER PAY RETAIL FOR COLLEGE: Match Qualifications to Colleges

   by Beth V. Walker    5/26/17

When students knock on the doors of colleges, they don’t arrive empty-handed. They come
bearing their high school transcript, unweighted grade point average (GPA), and standardized
test scores. Together, we call these your student’s “college capital.” Colleges will size up
these three components before even thinking about inviting applicants in. Your student’s
college capital is the foundation of the college project.

Parents need to understand how impactful the student’s college capital will be on the
eventual cost of college and the real options they should consider. The fact is, as parents we
can influence those credentials, but we can’t control them. They will be the result of the
effort the student puts in over the four years of high school, and we must work with the
student’s credentials when we get there.

Investing a little bit of time and a little bit of money in these areas during the high school
years will save tens of thousands of dollars during the college years. A three point increase in
an ACT score could translate to an $8,000 renewable scholarship for 4 years… meaning that
exposing a student to test taking strategies and building their test taking stamina is worth the
time and money.