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NEVER PAY RETAIL FOR COLLEGE:  Prep for College Admissions
   by Beth V. Walker  posted:  May 30, 2017

We have almost a million kids apply to fewer than one hundred schools, and some wonder why things don’t work out the way they thought they would.  A handful of colleges sit at the top of the pyramid and accept between 4 and 13 percent of student who apply for admissions. These schools don’t need to discount the cost of attendance.  The demand far exceeds their supply, and they can afford to be choosey.

Move down one tier of selectivity and the schools in this category are still only offering a seat to one out of every four applicants.  This, however, is ripe territory for understanding how to play the game and adapt a more strategic approach.  These schools are trying to break into the upper tier.  Our billion, remarkable, student who is an “also ran” for the most-sought-after schools will find themselves showered with offers of admission, as a well as meaningful incentives, for applying to lesser-know brand names.

That leaves a third level of selectivity offering admission to one out of every two students who apply-still not a sure thing.  This is where understanding the difference between in-state public schools and smaller, lesser-known private universities pay off.  For many, it’s cheaper to attend a private college than default to a state university.  But we need to understand the discounting that happens to put students in the classrooms and use it to our advantage. 

Finally, we arrive at the least selective four-year institutions that admit 75 percent of those who apply.  The student still must show they’re interested in attending by doing a great job on the admissions application and meeting all the deadlines.