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NEVER PAY RETAIL FOR COLLEGE: How Students Can Develop Self-Awareness

by Beth V. Walker posted: July 23, 2017

Begin. Make it a priority.
Reading a book will not teach you how to know yourself. It’s learned through doing and paying
attention to your personal expressions of thought, emotions, and behavior. As parents, we need
to accelerate that learning before we send our kids off to college. It’s important because it’s
easer to make meaningful changes sooner, rather than later.
Most teenagers do not value solitude. Many of today’s young people take their smartphones to
bed with them, so the idea of being “unconnected” is not at all popular. Research regarding
adolescents’ experience confirms, however, that genuine “alone time” is an essential component
of personal development and mental health. They aren’t likely to volunteer for this exercise, but
we can teach them a lot about creating boundaries and cultivating habits that will serve them
well. We can have open discussions and model this behavior so they can see it in action.
When they have to make those decisions for themselves, they’ll be better off to have a