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NEVER PAY RETAIL FOR COLLEGE: Prep for College Admissions Part III
   by Beth V. Walker     posted:  June 8, 2017

Too many students crank out admissions applications rather than craft them.  Instead of allowing themselves the luxury of time and the opportunity to review, reconsider, and revise, they pray that the adrenaline rush of the deadline will be an ally in delivering a completed product.  This is a place where your student can be competitive.  If they take the time to prepare their materials thoughtfully, they will be better prepared than those who don’t.  Planning and executing are important skills to learn before spending six figures on their education.

There are several key elements of a well-crafted admissions application, including the essay.  In a system that relies heavily on quantitative data points (GPA, test scores, class rank), this is one qualitative area that allow the admissions committee to get to know your student as a person.  Their voice, personality, attitude, interests, and decisions-making process must come through lout and clear for it to work in their favor.  Your student will benefit from guidance and coaching.  This is one area where enlisting another set of eyeballs (or several) is a small investment that you can yield a definite return.