NEVER PAY RETAIL FOR COLLEGE: Prep for College Admissions Part V
by Beth V. Walker posted: June 5, 2017

“The fifth mistake families make is viewing college as a product instead of a project that creates
the foundation for a futures.”

Even the language around college, “getting in,” reveals the context from which we are driven. If
we could make the subtle but important shift to a “getting from” mindset, our new operating
principles would guide us to a more satisfying outcome. The project called college has a definite
beginning and end, but the whole reason we’re doing it is to lay the foundation for the future.

Our students do not show up on campus and attend classes so an education can be bestowed
upon them. The knowledge and critical-thinking skills must be earned, and it’s theirs for the
taking. However, that attitude and approach must be cultivated during the high school years.
As parents, we can influence this aspect of the student’s project plan.

To do so, we have to set aside the state high school graduation requirements. They represent
the bare minimum necessary to “get out,” not the opportunity to “get from.” ....... For most
students, it’s best to take higher-level courses in their areas of strength and regular courses for
the rest. A good rule of thumb is to start with one or two honors courses in ninth grade. If they
continue to demonstrate mastery and can handle the workload, add one higher-level course
each year

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